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We have a lot of knowledge and expertise in the construction industry. We will help you walk through the construction business in Hawaii as best as possible. For more than 20 years, we have been active in the construction business, and we want to give you an overview of the best construction places all over Hawaii.

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Commercial & Industrial Construction Database in Hawaii.

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New Homes

This inspection covers all systems of a home: Electrical, Structural, Plumbing, HVAC, Alternative Energy Systems, Pools & Spas.

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Pre-Listing Inspections

When getting a pre-listing inspection, it is easy to identify any major problems that could potentially overturn the sale the closing.

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Town Home Inspections

When we inspect townhouses our approach is the same for a conventional home. We’re detailed and go through every nook.

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Kyle’s knowledge about the construction industry in Hawaii is second to none!

Simone G – Construction Specialist

I enjoyed working with Kyle and he has shared a lot of valuable info so I could make a great decision.

Jeff H – Homeowner